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Janina Matz is an illustrator and designer for books and games.

Hi, I am Janina, an illustrator based in Norderstedt, Germany. My work includes children’s books, book covers and video game art. But I don’t mind strolling in other areas, too. I like working digitally, as well as traditionally, mainly with water colours.

My strengths are the graphical, rather comic-like style and softer children's book styles in watercolour. But also vector graphics and rather rendered digital art are part of my repertoire.

I like to explore many subjects in my work and love a good challenge and new ideas. For my own children’s books I want to specialise in more difficult topics for, such as foster homes and death.

If you want this illustrator to be part of your next project, simply write a message.

Whether it's illustrating a book, illustrating a game or creating a comic. Whether an illustrative logo for the company or a personal gift: we will find a suitable illustrative solution.

Thanks for dropping by. I look forward to hear from you!

Janina Matz