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Janina Graeff - Illustrator and expert for light branding.

Hi, I'm Janina, illustrator, mum of twins and above all an expert in light personal branding.

Maybe your (honest, unembellished) CV reads something like mine: I've done a lot of things in my life, tried a lot of things, and yet I've always come back to the same thing over and over again: In my case, to illustration and then to design.

Again and again I thought I wasn't good enough and that I was lazy, that anyone could do what I did. Again and again I went other ways and again and again I came back to my great love (besides my husband), illustration, and almost in the same move to design.

Because although I LOVE developing and illustrating children's books, I always want to make life easier for myself and the people around me, because as I said: I tend to be rather lazy. I'm bursting with ideas, but my time is limited, so I want everything I do to be quick and effective without compromising my values or personality.

Not so easy and yet somehow it is.

At some point I started to create a logo, a colour palette and templates for social media and my invoices for my illustration business. Even for everyday tasks, for a better overview and easier approach to the task, I created appealing designs. And then when I started making sympathy figures for self-employed people, questions kept coming about the logo, colours, fonts, templates and design processes.

And I was able to answer the questions, with ease, because I always wanted to know exactly how everything worked, including design. And even though I still work on my (incredibly poorly paid) children's books in my spare time, and even though I still believe that sympathy figures can be immensely helpful, I listened to my clients and put their most pressing questions first.

And with my Personal Branding Plus, I now first create a light, simple, adaptable foundation on which to base everything else, especially your ideas.

I want people, women, with big ideas and deep values to have an easy branding. Branding should be fun, it should inspire to become better, make work easier and eliminate insecurities on both sides. People need a framework for maximum creativity, which good branding can create. Besides, most people are visual and therefore need visual help in their flooded everyday lives. And what sets me apart from other brand designers is that I come from a children's book background and therefore like it light and playful instead of rigid and licked.


What did that look like for you? Did you always have that one passion that you kept coming back to? Or how did you and your passion find each other? Let me know!

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